Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Modern BI with Chris Adamson: Chicago, May 7

Join me at TDWI Chicago 2015 for my latest course, Business Information and Modern BI: Evolving Beyond the Dimensional Data Mart.

In this full-day class, I will show you how a modern BI program can help you track, analyze and improve business performance.

With a strong focus on information, we will look at how new technologies and best practices have reshaped the way BI delivers business value.

We will cover all three pillars of Modern BI, and also discuss organizational options, agile development and technology policies.

I'll also be leading classes on Predictive Analytics (5/5/15) and Data Visualization (5/6/15).

Discount Code for Registration

If you are planning to attend, use this link to register, and enter Priority Code 111 for a 10% discount.

Hope to see you there!