Thursday, March 19, 2009

Privacy Policy

Recent changes to the Google AdSense program prompted me to define a privacy policy for this blog. Here it is:

Oakton Software does not gather any information about your visits to this blog, or the pages you view.

I wish the policy could be that simple, but you should also know the following:


The blog is hosted by Google's

If you have a Google, Gmail or Blogger account, Google may log information about your visits to this blog. The Blogger privacy policy can be found by visiting the Google Privacy Center and clicking on the link for Blogger.


If you subscribe to the newsletter, the information you provide is used to send occasional email updates. These always include an opt-out link.

The mail list is maintained and managed by an external service provider. They follow a confirmed opt-in policy to ensure compliance with anti-spam legislation.

Ads By Google:

UPDATE 12/16/2010: I have removed ads from this blog. While they helped support it, I felt they were detracting from its value. If you'd like to help support StarSchemaCentral, please use the links in the sidebars to buy books from