Monday, September 10, 2007

Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates: Errata

This post contains updates and corrections for Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates: Solutions for Star Schema Performance. I'll update it as neededhopefully that won't be very often!

Book: Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates

Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates

By Chris Adamson
Wiley Publishing Inc., 2006
Many thanks to those of you who have sent feedback, praise, comments and questions. It is good to know that the book has been well received, and is being studied carefully. Happily, I have only been made aware of a couple of errors. Here they are, in page number order.

  • Page 25: Third paragraph, last sentence, "...has summarized order_facts by completely omitting the salesperson and order_type dimension tables."  This sentence should end "customer and order_type dimension tables," in accordance with Figure 1.8.
  • Page 171: Figure 5.7 incorrectly lists a BRAND_KEY in the upper right of the diagram. The column should be labeled PRODUCT_KEY, as described in the text.

  • Page 195: Step 2.1.4 in figure 6.3 should have a connection to step 2.1.5 (as indicated in the text on page 203).
For more information on the book, including the complete table of contents and a sample chapter, visit the Wiley website. The book is available through and at stores everywhere. And, of course, feel free to send me your comments.